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Training will vary dependent on year group, year 7 & 8's will only have access to the Air Rifle with a natural progression of safety and marksmanship training to three positional shooting at a range of 10-15 metres.


Year 9 and above will have the opportunity to proceed onto our Small Bore Target Rifle at a range of 25m, where we will also be concentration on coaching techniques.


Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) students year 9 -13 will also train on the cadet weapon systems with the opportunity to compete at National and Inter-National level.


Sensible behavior is expected at all times. Staff reserve the right to exclude pupils from any and all activities in the unlikely event that such a standard is not maintained, or if safety is compromised.


Please email or telephone on 01242 538248 if you are likely to be late collecting your child

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