Shooting Clubs run after school at 15:45-17:45 in the OED range at a cost of £120 for 10 sessions

On Tuesday there is a club for Years 9+ for CCF cadets for which the annual fee is £100


Please email or telephone on 01242 538248 if you are likely to be late collecting your child

Sensible behaviour is expected at all times. Staff reserve the right to exclude pupils from any and all activities in the unlikely event that such a standard is not maintained, or if safety is compromised.

Spring Term Dates

Monday Year 7 Air Rifle Club - 

13 Jan-23 Mar 2020 inclusive (except 17 Feb 20)

Tuesday Year 9-13 CCF Small Bore Club

7 Jan-31 Mar 2020 inclusive except 28 Jan 20

There is no club on any day when school closes early.

Termly re-registration is not required as it is assumed that all members will continue.

Wednesday Years 8-9 .22 shooting club

8 Jan-25 Mar 2020 inclusive (except 19 & 26 Feb20)

Autumn Term Dates

Monday Year 7 Air Rifle Club - 

16 Sept - 25 Nov inclusive (except holidays)

Tuesday Year 9-13 CCF Small Bore Club

10 Sept - 17 Dec inclusive except 1.10.19

Wednesday Years 8-9 .22 shooting club

18 Sept - 11 Dec inclusive (except holidays and 4 Dec)

Thursday Year 7 Air Rifle Club - 

19 Sept - 19 Dec inclusive (except holidays and 26 Sept and 5 Dec)

CCF Shooting

Sign up for shooting team practice weekends as well as Schools and Imperial shooting competitions are located on the CCF website.

Outdoor Education

Jane Jowett Head of Department 01242 538248

Natalie Berry DofE, Shooting, First Aid 01242 538286

Pauline Mussi Admin and payments 01242 538282

James Bastian Climbing, DofE 01242 538282

Clare Freeman Climbing, DofE 01242 538282

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