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We teach the Level 1 and 2 National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) Syllabus to the majority of our students. Once they have completed these, we have devised our own awards equivalent to their Level 3 and 4 awards. However, with the new wall being installed over the easter holidays we will be able to expend our NICAS provision.


Routes are set by our qualified freelance team using the French grading system ranging in difficulty from 4 to 7a. These routes will be changed once a term and any feedback you have, will be greatly appreciated



We aim to run a number of outdoors and indoors trips to give our members opportunity to climb at different centres and crags around the UK. We intend to include other sports with some of these trips such as surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. Some will be day trips. There is a possibility of one or two trips to climbing competitions. 


Please email or telephone on 01242 538248 if you are likely to be late collecting your child

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